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The College of Social Work

Since work began on establishing The College of Social Work more than two years ago, it has made significant strides towards achieving its goal of leading and representing the profession.

The College is supporting local authorities to implement the child protection reforms set out in the Munro review and is active in shaping the future of social work with adults, where the policy of personalisation and the financial cuts have raised major challenges.

In this climate, social workers are joining The College so they have a strong, national voice at this critical time for the profession. Having recruited nearly 10,000 prospective members, The College is making good progress and has recently opened its doors to paying members.

The College has been working closely with the Social Work Reform Board, which has passed them responsibility for building on the strengths and aspirations of social workers. The College has taken ownership of the Professional Capabilities Framework and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Framework, contributing to more than 100 conferences and events since January to promote these tools to employers and frontline social workers.

For the first time, social workers are taking responsibility, through The College, for the reform of their own profession; a truly revolutionary change.

For further information visit The College of Social Work’s website .

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