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Health and Social Care Bill progress

House of Lords (c) UK Parliament

On 19 December, the House of Lords met in committee to discuss the section of the Health and Social Care Bill that closes the GSCC and transfers its regulatory powers to the Health Professions Council (HPC). A number of amendments to this part of the Bill were discussed, however all amendments were withdrawn or voted against. The GSCC was very well represented by Peers who paid tribute to GSCC staff and all those working on the transfer. A full transcript of what was discussed can be read on the Parliament website . Committee stage of the Bill in the Lords finished on the 21 December and the Lords began the first day of report stage debate of the Health and Social Care Bill on the 8 February.

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I feel that this is another step towards the further disintegration of the social work profession. Now that the social care budget is being passed to health, who cares for the money but not for social care, in my view social workers will eventually disappear altogether in mental health in particular. The medical model of care is very pervasive. One major step in that direction was the opening of the old Approved Social Worker training to other professions such as nursing. In mental health, social care is slowly being marginalised. sad.

Francoise Battin
28 Mar 2012

I personally am sorry that social workers will no longer have their own professional body-unlike teachers, nurses and doctors. I do think SW is a specialist and often,very misunderterstood profesion and think not to have its own regulatory body is a mistake. I know there are palns for te college but memeberhsip is not mandatory and it concerns me that Sw's may be left in a more vulnerable position professionally.

Maggie McHenry
08 Mar 2012

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