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September 2010    Issue 10


Welcome to the September issue of Social Work Connections, the newsletter for GSCC registrants. There have been several important developments in the sector this summer, and we've done our best to cover these and other interesting news within these pages.

Our lead article on page three covers the decision to transfer the GSCC's functions to the HPC in 2012, and the need for social workers and students to continue to register and renew their registration with us in the meantime.

Elsewhere we look at the latest work of the Social Work Reform Board, examine the lessons learnt from the Baby Peter social worker conduct hearing and reveal the findings of last issues' reader poll. In this month's case study we interview a registered social worker, Roger Cook, about his PRTL. We hope you find this issue an enjoyable and compelling read.


Transfer of GSCC functions to Health Professions Council

Transfer of GSCC functions to Health Professions Council

The review of the Department of Health's Arm's Length Bodies (ALBs) published on 26 July 2010, set out the Government's intention for the GSCC's functions to be transferred to the Health Professions Council (whose name will be changed to reflect their new remit), by April 2012 at the earliest.

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Don't leave it too late to renew your GSCC registration

If you are one of the 45,000 social workers who first registered with us in late 2004 or early 2005 you will soon have to renew your registration.

Job offers and joining the register

Are you about to apply for registration as a qualified social worker and do you have a job offer that is dependent on registration? If so, read on.

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The Family Justice Review

It has been reported that the family justice system is under strain, with rising case volumes and lengthening case durations. The Family Justice Review was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to examine the effectiveness of the system and the outcomes it delivers, and to make recommendations for reform. This is being conducted by a panel of experts chaired by David Norgrove.

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Higher education institution inspection reports

Students wanting to study social work will be able to find out much more about the courses available to them, following the publication of previously undisclosed inspection reports.

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Plagiarism warning

GSCC university inspectors have reported an increase in plagiarism among students on social work degree courses.

Conduct hearing outcomes

Please note that this information relates to hearings concluded from 28 May until 26 August 2010.


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Improving social work

The reform programme, outlined by Moira Gibb in the Social Work Task Force report, is still very much part of the Government's agenda.

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The Baby Peter social workers conduct hearing - the lessons learnt

At the end of May, Maria Ward and Gillie Christou, two social workers directly involved in the care of Baby Peter Connelly, were suspended by the GSCC for two and four months respectively after being found guilty of misconduct.

Roger Cook (c) Roger Cook

PRTL case study: Roger Cook

For this issue's case study we ask GSCC registrant Roger Cook about his approach to PRTL. Roger is Head of CAMHS Tier 4 Commissioning, West Midlands Specialised Commissioning Team. He has been a practising social worker for 31 years.

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Social workers not receiving enough supervision

Social Work Connection readers are receiving less than two hours of supervision per month with some receiving none at all, according to the results of the latest poll.

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College of Social Work

A key part of the programme to reform social work is the plan to set up a College of Social Work. The Social Work Task Force, chaired by Moira Gibb, was convinced that social workers needed a body that could speak out on behalf of the profession.

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International social work registration

We are obliged by European law to have a system in place to allow social workers from outside the UK to register with us. Social work is practised differently throughout the world, which has made the task of assessing equivalence complex and challenging.

Profile of social workers in England

The General Social Care Council published its Annual Report for 2009-10 in July this year. Along with setting out its aims and priorities for the coming years, we also included some interesting facts about the profile of the Social Care Register in England.

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September 2010    Issue 10