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07 March 2012

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March 2012 • Issue 16

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Restorative Justice: Should victims meet their offenders?

Ethical dilemma

Asylum Seekers & Mental Health


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Welcome to the March 2012 issue of Social Work Connections

In this issue you can read about the latest news and developments in the social work sector.

With the transfer of the GSCC’s functions to the Health Professions Council (HPC) approaching at the end of July, we update you on the Health and Social Care Bill’s progress through Parliament; potential changes to student registration; and the events we have been running to inform social workers of the changes afoot.

We hear from the Strategic Director of Children’s Services at Bristol City Council on why she let the cameras into her department for the BBC2 three-part series ‘Protecting Our Children’. We also review the social work play Shallow Slumber, the story of a social worker by a social worker, which recently had a three-week stint at a London theatre.

In this, our penultimate issue, we ask you to vote on the GSCC policy that has had the biggest impact on the social work profession. You can also find out the results on our last poll, which asked whether social workers had ever found themselves at risk of breaching professional boundaries.

Finally, just to let you know, our London office is being relocated and from 23 April will be based in Skipton House, 80 London Road, London SE1 6LH.

We hope you enjoy this issue; with only one remaining we would love to hear your thoughts on it. Let us know by posting a comment on the articles that interest you or share your opinions with other social workers and students by joining our forum, which is exclusively for those registered with the GSCC:

Health and Social Care Bill progress

House of Lords (c) UK Parliament

On 19 December, the House of Lords met in committee to discuss the section of the Health and Social Care Bill that closes the GSCC and transfers its regulatory powers to the Health Professions Council (HPC). Read more

Student registration

A road sign giving a choice of direction (c) clappstar

One of the big differences between the GSCC and the HPC is the issue of student registration. At the GSCC we register students as we believe it is very important to protect the public from poor practice and to instil a sense of professionalism and responsibility in our future social workers.
Read more

Graduating this summer?

Image of graduation ceremony celebrations (c) David Michael Morris

If you are due to qualify this summer we will be writing to you in April to let you know how to apply to register as a qualified social worker.
Read more

Opening our profession to scrutiny and understanding

Photo of Annie Hudson (c) authors own

Protecting Our Children , BBC2's powerful three-part social work series, finished on 13 February. The series followed Bristol's child protection teams over the course of a year to see frontline social work first-hand. Throughout the series we saw a tiny fraction of the child protection cases that come through the team’s doors. We saw how the social work profession deal with often incredibly challenging situations, and also how they interact with other agencies to provide support to families in need.

Annie Hudson the Strategic Director for Children, Young People and Skills at Bristol City Council writes for Social Work Connections about her motivation for giving the BBC behind the scenes access to her department. She also talks about some of the responses to the show and what she hopes this could mean for the future of the social work profession……

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A review of the play Shallow Slumber – the story of a social worker by a social worker

Actors performing in Shallow Slumber (c) Camilla Greenwell

Shallow Slumber has come along at a time where the media appears to be actually paying attention to what social workers go through every day in order to help keep vulnerable people safe.
Read more

Professional boundaries guidance update

A copy of the Professional Boundaries Report (c) Trisram Dawahoo

As you may have seen in the last issue of Social Work Connections we have launched a guidance report on the issue of professional boundaries, as well as an online hub of information , including a self-assessment e-tool.
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The College of Social Work is launched

Image of the College of Social Work website (c) Trisram Dawahoo

The College of Social work opened its doors on 3 January. It was set up as a result of one of the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force report.
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