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Memorable quotes

To mark the closure of the GSCC we have pulled out some memorable quotes from sector leaders, social workers and service users. Here’s what they have said about us over the past decade...

“We can see from the impact you have already made what a good start you’ve made in your complex but crucial role.”
Jacqui Smith, Minister for Care at the GSCC’s first anniversary seminar (2002)

On the codes of practice
“’s a great achievement. I’m looking forward to the future of social care because of some of the things that the GSCC has already done.”
Denise Platt, Chief Inspector at the Social Services Inspectorate, (2002)

“The General Social Care Council...will make a significant contribution to the improvement and the quality of social care.”
David Behan, President, Association of Directors of Social Services (2002)

“I congratulate the GSCC for developing a robust new post-qualifying framework for social workers to continue developing their skills and knowledge after qualifying. With the introduction of the social work degree, registration of social workers and soon protection of title, the new PQ framework will play an important part in raising standards in social work practice.”
Stephen Ladyman MP, Community Minister (2004)

“Skills for Care has had another successful year working with GSCC to promote better quality and greater diversity in social work education and training, particularly regarding practice placements. We look forward to working with the GSCC on extending registration and training requirements to new social care roles.” Andrea Rowe, Chief Executive, Skills for Care (2004)

“Thank you for putting on such an excellent annual conference and for changing my perceptions. I’m leaving even prouder of being a social worker than when I arrived!” Lynda Bowen, Registered Social Worker (2004)

“I would like to pay tribute to the professional and efficient way the GSCC have fulfilled their responsibilities so far and look forward to working closely with them on this next stage of our joint commitment to raising the status of the entire social care workforce.”
Ivan Lewis MP, Minister for Care Services (2007)

“The recent announcement about the future of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) has caused concern among members of the Reform Board... We were disappointed that the contribution GSCC has recently been making to our work was not recognised… In particular the GSCC has been working to deliver the Task Force recommendation on more transparent and effective regulation of social work education, to assure greater consistency and quality... There are a number of other recommendations to which the GSCC is an important, if not primary, contributor and we would welcome recognition of their role in these. Important functions that the GSCC currently carries out will need to be securely allocated and should take account of the opportunity to strengthen the emerging College of Social Work.”
Moira Gibb, Head of the Social Work Reform Board, in a letter to the Government following the announcement of the GSCC’s abolition (2010)

“I have worked for the last 14 years as a service user educator and worked with the GSCC, as well as with many other local, regional and national partners to develop social work practice. I have been so inspired by the people I have worked with, the progress we have made (even if at times we have travelled a rugged and bumpy journey together), that I have decided to enter practice myself. I will be studying this year for a Masters in Social Work and look forward to continuing to serve people and learn lots more. I also think I will offer the profession something unique too!”
Gina, ex GSCC visitor, now social work student (2012)

“It's admirable that the GSCC and staff are moving forward with such conviction especially as the Government has decided to close it down. This update is really good and I am really glad to know what's been done for us by our regulator. Thank you.”
Jasmine, social worker (2012)

“The GSCC has proved over time that it understands the demands and diversity of modern society, knows the training which social workers and approved mental health professionals require, and knows how outcomes relate to the standards of teaching. It effectively regulates while managing to show a human face and has always been there for advice and support to establishments.”
Anne-Marie, a member of the GSCC’s Service User/Carer Committee (2012)

“The GSCC exists to share support between us all and it all helps.”
Zoe Betts, @iamsocialwork on Twitter (2012)

“Thank you Penny [Thompson, GSCC CEO]…for the work you have done over these past two years; for your leadership and determination to move the profession forward.”
Paul Burstow
Community Care Live 2012

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