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GSCC learning and research reports

One of the GSCC learning and research reports - (c) Trisram Dawahoo

The GSCC will have been in existence for almost 11 years when it closes on 31 July 2012. Throughout this period of time we have learnt a significant amount both about the social work profession but also about how to regulate the profession successfully.

In order to capture our achievements as well as to help others learn from our experience we are producing three learning reports, which are being launched in the run-up to our closure. We hope that other regulators and the social work sector more widely will be interested in these findings.

The first report, which was published in May, set out what we have learnt about involving services users in the work of the GSCC and looked at how we attempted to put service users at the heart of what we did. This included bringing service users into the inspection of universities providing the social work degree, as well as into the consultation about the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers.

The second report, out later this month, will focus on our registration and conduct function. It sets out what we have learnt about the characteristics of who registered with the GSCC, as well as the types of misconduct that were found by our conduct panels.

The final report, which will be published later on in June, will focus on the regulation of social work education and what we learnt about those who studied on the social work degree. It also covers what we have learnt from regulating the universities who trained social workers.

Two research reports, one on the provision of practice placements and the other on inspecting Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) courses have also been published recently.

We hope the reports together will help to capture important lessons from the 11 years that we have spent as the regulator for social workers in England. Keep an eye on our website to read the full reports.

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