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The GSCC policy with the biggest impact on social workers

To mark the closure of the General Social Care Council and celebrate the work we have done to regulate the social work profession, in the last issue of Social Work Connections (March) we asked “Which GSCC policy has had the biggest impact over the past 10 years?” *

Six hundred and twenty-six of our readers responded to the poll with over half telling us that “compulsory registration and legal protection of the title ‘social worker’” (350 votes - 56 per cent) has had the biggest impact.

The “introduction of a code of practice” came the second highest with 176 votes (28 per cent) and the “social work degree replacing the diploma” received 100 votes (16 per cent).

Registration and protection of title, as well as the introduction of the codes of practice, and the social work degree, which we worked very closely with the Department of Health to establish, are all areas of work that have contributed to the professionalisation of social work; putting it on a par with other regulated professions such as teaching and medicine. We, as the departing regulator, are very proud of these achievements and hope to see the profession continue to flourish in the future.

* Poll results

Which GSCC policy has had the biggest impact over the past 10 years?

• Compulsory registration and legal protection of the title ‘social worker’, putting social work on a par with other professions such as teaching, law and medicine – 350 votes (56 per cent)

• The social work degree replacing the Diploma in Social Work, thus raising the academic level of those entering the profession – 100 votes (16 per cent)

• The introduction of a code of practice, giving social workers standards of professional conduct and making them accountable for their practice  – 176 votes (28 per cent)

Total responses: 626 (between 7 March - 2 May 2012)

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