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Conduct hearings

The following conduct hearings have concluded since the last edition of Social Work Connections. For full details on these conduct hearings, please visit the .



Mr Clive Paterson No misconduct
Mr David Holder Three-year admonishment
Mr Stanley Lansdell Removed
Mrs Zainab Abullahi Hassan Okigbo Removed
Mr Masekamela Gaseitsewe Two-year suspension
Mr Stephen Dent Five-year Admonishment
Mr Douglas Adams Removed
Ms Verona Reeves Removed
Mr Herbert Yaweh Removed
Mr Daniel Bester One-year suspension
Mr Dwight McGuire Removed
Mr Michael Peter Wrenn Two-year suspension
Mrs Elizabeth De Souza-Oyewole No misconduct
Mr Anthony Martyn Smart No misconduct
Mr Leslie Healey Removed
Mr Stephen Graham Thompson One-year suspension
Ms Jillian Susan Outterside One-year admonishment
Mr Brendan Kenny Removed Removed
Mrs Hafsa Tina Khan Three-year admonishment
Mrs Caroline Wilson Five-year admonishment
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