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Social Work Connections readership survey results

Social Work Connections readership survey results

We recently carried out a survey about Social Work Connections with you, our readers. We asked what you found interesting about the newsletter and what you would like us to focus on in the future.

What you told us about the content:

You read most issues and are happy with the frequency. You feel the articles are relevant to you and you especially enjoy reading the real-life case studies. We have learnt that we should continue to focus on GSCC news as well as wider social work issues that are of relevance to the GSCC.

"I find the SWC really interesting reading and it helps to keep me informed of what is going on in social work as much of my time is spent in a NHS service. Keep up the good work."

Going forward we plan to continue to keep you updated with GSCC news and information relevant to your registration, as well as informing you of developments in the wider social work and regulatory environment which we have a direct role in.

What you told us about the interactive features:

You are interested in reading the comments posted on the articles by other readers, and you find that the poll topics are relevant to you and your work. You expressed the need for a wider range of subjects to be included in the newsletter, that also address the more hands-on side of social work, as well as bigger issues on the political agenda.

"Needs more of a wide range of topics relevant to practitioners in all specialties, including more practical topics not just the high profile 'political' stuff".

We are committed to covering topics relevant to social workers working in all specialities and will also be regularly featuring personal accounts from practitioners and students.

Because of the level of interest and engagement you have expressed in relation to posting comments, we have decided to introduce a page dedicated to making suggestions about topics that you would like us to cover. This will now be available in each edition, as well as the usual comments feature at the bottom of each article, so we can continue to receive your feedback and address your content needs on an ongoing basis.

"First time I have read this so cannot make any suggestions on improvements, I like what I read".

A big thanks to all of you who participated – it is really going to help shape the future content and development of the newsletter.

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