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The importance of keeping your details up to date

Every year, the GSCC sends a form to registrants asking for details of any changes of circumstances in the previous 12 months. You should receive this when your annual payment is due.

Making us aware of changes of circumstance is an important part of maintaining your registration with the GSCC. As a registrant, you are required to provide the GSCC with any relevant information that has changed your personal circumstances. As well as advising the GSCC of any changes to your name, contact details and employer, we also need you to tell us about any changes to your disciplinary record; criminal proceedings which are underway or have been completed, and major changes to your health.

Advising us of changes will help us to keep in contact with you, and to offer you advice and information throughout your registration period. If you have had a recent change in your personal circumstances, please don’t wait for us to contact you, let us know immediately. You can send changes to us by email.

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