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New study to review the codes of practice

In 2002, following extensive consultation with the social care sector, the GSCC together with our sister bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, published the first-ever codes of practice for social care workers and employers. The codes provide a clear guide on the standards of practice and conduct that workers and their employers should meet. They also mean that people who use services, carers and the wider public know what standards they can expect of their social care worker. Social workers registered with the GSCC are required to comply with the codes.

Over 2.5 million copies of the codes have now been issued, and they are widely accepted as an integral part of the standards framework within social care, informing best practice as well as training.

Together with our sister bodies, we recently commissioned the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College, London to carry out a study looking into the use of the codes of practice. The study seeks to find out how the codes are being used by social care employers and workers. It will also establish the level of knowledge and views of the codes among people who use services and their carers.

The following questions will be addressed:

  • Are the codes ‘fit for purpose’ and how might they be further developed?
  • Are the codes influencing and informing the conduct and practice of social care workers and their employers, and how?
  • To what extent are the objectives of setting down standards of conduct and practice being achieved?
  • Are the codes being used in induction, training, supervision and on a day-to-day basis?
  • Are the codes being integrated into job descriptions, performance appraisals and disciplinary and grievance processes?

If you want to give your views on your experience of the codes and answer some or all of the above questions, then please click here to take part in the codes evaluation.

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We give copies of the codes to all new recruits and refer to them in our induction training. While not perfect they offer an excellent grounding setting out what is and what is not good practice.

Graham Faulkner
07 May 2008


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